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Meditation and Yoga Chat

 Alison Scott is an advocate of meditation and yoga. She has practiced within these fields for over 25 years, beginning with Zen Meditation under rthe guidance of Father Ben Wren at Loyola University in New Orleans. Hatha yoga basics began with Alvina  Haverkamp in the mid 80’s followed by Kali Ray Tri Yoga till present.
Alison is happy to produce and host Meditation, Music and Yoga Chats and broadcast the meditational and healing music of Swamiji of Mysore, India. She believes that his unique compositions have a profoundly positive effect on the mind and body and emotions.
She is honored to introduce the New Orleans Metropoltan community to the benefits of listening to these ‘out of this world’ compositions by this Nada (Sound) master.  
 The Indian music system delves into the impact of sound on the human body and mind which has been extensively explored by the ancient science of musicology.
 Swamiji has become the foremost exponent of this RARE but profound science.

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