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Ringside Politics Nov 8

Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere.


Today’s hot topics included:


1)  Chris Matthews–noted that he is happy the hurricane hit the Northeast because it helped Obama politically. What an outrageous statement by a dyed in the wool liberal!


2) Dick Morris and other GOP pundits now admit they were wrong about the results. They should never be used by Fox News again.


3) Overall, the media blamed Bush twice as often as Obama for the poor economy. This explains why Obama was able to convince Americans that Bush caused the economic destruction and he was not to blame.


4) The race for 2016 has already begun and the man in front is sell-out Chris Christie. This is a real problem. The Republicans need to find a true conservative finally, no more northeastern RINO’s!


Today’s guests included:


1)      Nick Varrecchio, local attorney, activist and commentator. He discussed the presidential race, the polls, the politics of Hurricane Sandy and the future of the GOP.


2)    Monique  Guild is a Business Intuitive who has been instrumental in helping people define and attain their business goals.  To get more information or to sign up for her newsletter, check out

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