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Ringside Politics Nov 20

Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere.


Today’s hot topics included:


1) Retailers are opening their doors on Thanksgiving Day, limiting family time and making employees come to work. It is outrageous. Can’t we celebrate one holiday without shopping?


2) Hillary Clinton has been dispatched to the Middle East to broker a peace treaty between the Israelis and Palestinians. This is happening as hostilities are getting worse.


3) A group of conservatives in the LA House are complaining that the Governor’s budget is unconstitutional. This has now been appealed to the Attorney General.


4) Jindal has been outspoken in his denunciation of Gov. Romney since the election. It shows how selfish he is and how much he is looking toward his political future.


Today’s guests included:


1)   Steve Sabuldowsky, publisher of BayouBuzz. He discussed the war on Thanksgiving, the future of Bobby Jindal and the Middle East conflict. For more information, check out


2)   Representative Kirk Talbot represents Louisiana House District 78. He discussed how the LA budget might be unconstitutional and how it is being reviewed by the Atty. General.
3)   Paul Huljich in his book Betrayal of Love and Freedom shows that depression and bipolar statistics do not have to brand you for life.    He gave tips on how to deal with stress during the holiday season. For more information, check out  /
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