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Ringside Politics Nov 16

Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere.


Today’s hot topics included:


1)  Goodbye to Twinkies as the famed dessert will go out of existence thanks to a strike at Hostess, the maker of iconic treat. Another bit of bad news post election!


2)  Also, Denny’s and other restaurants are firing workers because of increased costs due to Obamacare. This will happen throughout the industry and throughout the nation.


3) A Fox 8 report showed that members of the Landrieu administration made big money in the weeks after Hurricane Isaac by charging for emergency pay. These officials are already making six figure salaries! As usual, the taxpayers are being robbed.


4) Gov. Jindal continues with his bash Romney tour, criticizing the Governor for his presidential campaign. It is odd considering how much campaigning Jindal did for the Romney ticket. The advice is a little strange and a little late.


Today’s guests included:


1)    Nick Varrecchio, local attorney, activist and commentator. He discussed the election results, the Jindal prospects, the decline of Twinkie and other businesses and the national political scene.


2)    Rev. C L Bryant discussed the election results and how the GOP can attract African American voters to their party. His successful documentary is available on Demand. For more info, check out


3)     Shellie Savoy, Public Relations and Community Corordinator and Donald Westmoreland. Director of Financial Operations St Tammany Parish Library   They discussed programs and activities in the library system on the Northshore.

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