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Ringside Politics Nov 12

Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere.


Today’s hot topics included:


1) Some in LA are pushing a petition to secede from the union. It currently has almost 13,000 signatures. Of course it is symbolic, but shows the level of frustration with the direction of the government.


2) With the fiscal cliff looming it is time to raise taxes. According to Bill Kristol, we should look at that option. This is typical of the Beltway elite who never were very tied to GOP principles.


3) In the wake of the election, gun sales have been soaring. Obviously, Americans are worried about the administration taking away these precious rights.


4) Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, 150,000 people are still without power and there is a mounting death toll. Seems the government response has been poor, according to many critics.


Today’s guests included:


1)     Chad Rogers, publisher of discussed the election aftermath and the push by some to secede from the union. 


2)    Tricia Erickson, CEO of Crisis Management, Inc. As a former Mormon Bishop’s daughter and Mormon wife, she went through many experiences that she describes in the book, “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?:The Mormon Church Versus the Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America.” In the interview, she expressed her reservations about both Romney and the Mormon  faith. For more information, check out


3)     John Neely Kennedy is the Republican state treasurer of Louisiana. He was re-elected without opposition to his fourth term in 2011. He discussed some of his ideas on how to deal with the budget problem in LA, the ever increasing pay for state officials and the number of high priced consulting contracts in LA.  For more information, check

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