The Battle of New Orleans – April 05th, 2017

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Welcome to The Battle of New Orleans with hosts Nathan Laurenson, Goyim, Caleb Hitt and Payday Monsanto.

On tonight’s show Tony Green joins the program.

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  1. Phyllis says:

    I am wondering if your show is really part of the controlled opposition joining in to distract away from the real Jews running this nation. You seem to have guests that are Jewish and even as hidden Jewish leaning. What part of Tony Green’s Jewishness makes his views acceptable to this radio show’s awakening to the Zionist/Jewish agenda in America? I have heard him spew about the Nazi’s as typical of the Jewish agenda. He also spews his mantra about the Satanic forces which emphatically distracts from the Jewish influences.

    Nathan, isn’t your ancestry designated as a Jewish name/surname? Nathan (Jewish) and Laurenson (Jewish)? Most all surnames ending in “son” are Jewish in origin but few goy realize this fact.

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