Ringside Politics – Nov. 7th 2017

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Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere

Today’s Hot Topics:

1) Yenni Sexting Scandal – One year later and it seems as if the Yenni campaign and Jefferson Parish Council have moved on from the scandal from a year ago and are now working together.

2) Texas Church Shooting – One of the gentlemen that was in pursuit of the suspect was a member of the NRA and was the one who fired a shot at the suspect. The suspect was supposed to have been flagged by the military, but was not, so that is how he was able to purchase the weapon and ammunition.

3) Mueller Investigation – More leaks have come out that Mueller may indict Michael Flynn and his son. Does Mueller have a leak problem?

4) Virginia Governor’s race – Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northram are in a brawl. An ad ran by a third-party Democratic group showed at one time in Virginia showed a truck running down illegal minority children and threatening them.

Today’s Guests:

1) Mike Wineburger, Founder, Home Defense Foundation – Talked with Jeff about the Home Defense Foundation’s meeting tonight at Morning Call in City Park. They also talked about Seth Bloom, candidate for City Council who will be tonight’s guest speaker.

2) Steve Sabludowsky, Ringside All-Star, Publisher, Bayou Buzz – Talked with Jeff about a new poll that has come out that shows a big lead for LaToya Cantrell in the New Orleans Mayor’s race.

3) J.C. Faris, Author “Once Upon A Time 13.81 Billion Years Ago” – Talked with Jeff about why God has allowed certain things in current times to continue to occur and what was around before the big bang.

4) Dr. Jeff Zweerink, Senior Research Scholar, Reasons To Believe – Talked with Jeff about things happening in outer space and what’s been going on with our own space program, NASA.

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