Ringside Politics – Nov. 6th 2017

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Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere

Today’s Hot Topics:

1) Texas Mass Shooting – 26 killed in a church shooting massacre. The gunman was stopped by a neighbor of the church who had a gun of his own and the suspect fled and ending up shooting himself before he crashed his vehicle.

2) Sen. Rand Paul – He has 5 broken ribs. Was tackled while mowing his lawn by a neighbor. Suspect was charged with assault.

3) Saudi Arabia – Dozens of former ministers arrested. Senior Royal member ousted in a major shakeup.

4) Antifa Rallies – Reports saying that the protests this weekend had low turn out and seemed to be a big bust.

5) Former President’s George H.W. and George W.- Made it known that they did not vote for President Donald Trump. The elder Bush called President Trump a “blow hard”. The White House made a statement condemning the comments made by the former president’s.

Today’s Guests:

1) John Schroder, candidate for State Treasurer – Talked about his candidacy for State Treasurer and other issues facing the State of Louisiana.

2) Chad Rogers, Ringside All-Star, Publisher, The Dead Pelican – Talked with Jeff about hot topics in the State of Louisiana and across the country.

3) Ed Klein, Author “All Out War” – Talked with Jeff about his new book “All Out War: The Plot To Destroy Donald Trump” and how the media and Hollywood has done everything in it’s power to destroy the credibility of President Donald Trump.

4) Eric Schiffer, Best Selling Author, CEO – Talked with Jeff about the current state of NFL players protesting the National Anthem.

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