Ringside Politics – Nov. 27th 2017

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Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere

Today’s Hot Topics:

1) Robert Mueller – The record shows surprising flaws. Shows a man of fallible judgement. LA Times talking about the not so stellar record of Robert Mueller.

2) Prince Harry – He is engaged and a Royal wedding is set for the Spring. Is it just Royal hype?

3) Nancy Pelosi – Defending an “icon” in John Conyers. Used his staff to set up sexual hookups. Resigned from his committee position, but Pelosi says we need to hold on until the investigation conclude.

4) Al Franken – Ashamed and embarrassed, but he’s not resigning. Pictures are now floating around the internet of him groping other women and that’s just what we’ve seen so far.

5) Turkey of the Year Award – New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu won the coveted designation and he is the Ringside Politics 2017 Turkey of the Year Award winner. Joining a plethora of Turkey of the Year Award Winners.

Today’s Guests:

1) Chad Rogers, Ringside All-Star, Publisher, The Dead Pelican – Talked with Jeff about the hot topics of the day.

2) Curtis Ellis, Senior Policy Adviser, America First Policies – Talked with Jeff about his time working with President Trump’s campaign and the election in Alabama.

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