Ringside Politics Nov 2 2017

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Today’s Hot Topics:

1) It was a great day for MLB as the Houston Astros win the World Series for first time in their 55 year history. A very deserving win for the best team in baseball.

2) The terrorist who killed 8 innocent people in NYC was an Uber driver who scoped out his route for many months. In his hospital room, he expressed joy for the killings and requested an ISIS flag. As the President stated, he deserves the death penalty.

3) Hollywood stars continue to face accusations of sexual misconduct. The latest to be charged is Kevin Spacey, who conveniently announced that he is entering rehab.

4) On Halloween, mysterious signs appeared on the Tulane campus with the phrase, “It’s Okay to be White.” Online sites promoted the prank to expose political correctness in our country. Incredibly, on some campuses police officers were called to investigate potential racism.

Today’s Guests:

1) Horace Cooper, Adjunct fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, co-chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board   He discussed the NFL National Anthem controversy.

2) Eddie Ghabour, Co-owner and the managing partner of  Key Advisors Group, LLC.  He discussed the recent economic news.

3) Dr Carole Lieberman M.D., Psychiatrist, Radio and TV talk show host, bestselling author, keynote speaker, Script Consultant and expert witness in Beverly Hills … https://www.drcarole.com/. She discussed the controversy about Donald Trump’s mental condition.

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