Ringside Politics Nov 1 2017

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Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere

Today’s Hot Topics:

1) Once again, another terror attack, this time in New York City. A truck, driven by a radical Islamic terrorist mowed down dozens of people, killing eight. The driver was allowed into our country through a misguided “Diversity Visa” program.

2) Muller investigation is continuing as the Trump White House waits for the next major indictment. So far, all of the indictments involve activity unrelated to the Trump campaign.

3) Actor Kevin Spacey has been accused by multiple people of sexual misconduct. Production on his TV series, “House of Cards,” has been halted.

4) LaToya Cantrell’s city credit card usage is under scrutiny. It seems she reimbursed the city for almost $9,000 in charges; however, over $40,000 in additional charges are being examined as well. The credit card was used extensively on trips to Aspen, NYC, Washington D.C. and even Italy.

Today’s Guests:

1) Mitch Gibbs, Ringside All-Star, lawyer http://pview.findlaw.com/view/3258834_1 and host of “In the Red Zone,” on WGSO joined the show to discuss the border wall, crime in New Orleans, the Mayor’s race, the terror attack in NYC and much more.

2) Former Atherton, CA Mayor, activist, TV host and researcher Charles Marsala discussed shocking new information on LaToya Cantrell’s credit card use. For more information, visit

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