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Racist Signs Posted at Black Church Had Congregants on Edge — Many Were Surely Stunned to See Suspect’s Face

When racist signs were recently found posted outside of the predominantly black New Covenant church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Pastor Roland Joyner said he “locked” the doors while congregants were inside worshiping out of fear. CBS Denver CBS Denver “You shouldn’t have to lock your doors in the church,” the pastor observed at the time. […]

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Residents Demand Answers After ‘Utterly Disrespectful’ Removal of American Flags From Cemetery Before July Fourth

The decision to remove dozens of American flags and other patriotic emblems from grave sites just days before the Fourth of July had Los Angeles-area residents demanding an explanation — and volunteering in a big way to help make sure every deceased veteran has a flag for the upcoming holiday. Ted Dirkam, a spokesman for […]

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Cause of Death Determined for Toddler Discovered Lifeless in Park Swing, His Mother Still Pushing Him Two Days Later

Officials have determined that a toddler, who was found dead in swing still being pushed by his mother on a Maryland playground, died of dehydration and hypothermia last month. Three-year-old Ji’Aire Lee was found dead on May 22 as his 24-year-old mother, identified as Romechia Simms, pushed him in a swing at Willis Memorial Park in La Plata, […]

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The Only Thing Stranger Than MSNBC Asking Lindsey Graham About His ‘Bromance’ with John McCain Was the Senator’s Answer

Things got strange during a gondola ride up a mountain in Aspen, Colorado, when MSNBC’s Alex Wagner asked Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), GOP 2016 presidential hopeful, about his “bromance” with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in a segment that aired on Tuesday. “Would you call it a ‘bromance’”? Wagner asked Graham at one point. The South […]

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You Can’t See Guitar Strings Move Like This With the Naked Eye, but Look at Them Through a Camera and Be Amazed

Watch a guy play a guitar and you’ll probably enjoy listening to the music he’s making. But watch him playing a guitar through a CMOS camera’s viewfinder and you’ll see something amazing that you couldn’t before. “The strings seem to vibrate in a wobbly slow motion pattern,” the video stated of the effect. Image source: […]

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