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WATCH: Trump Teleprompter Dies…His Next Move Leaves Audience Laughing, Obama Fuming

President Barack Obama, who three months ago turned into a tongue-tied mess when his teleprompter suddenly failed at a rally for Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, might want to take some notes from GOP nominee Donald Trump. When Trump’s teleprompter failed during an economic policy speech Thursday at The Economic Club of New York, he handled it like a champ.… […]

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WATCH: MSNBC Reporter Gets Sick of Lying for Clinton, GOES OFF on Live TV

MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell criticized Democrat presidential Hillary Clinton’s campaign Monday, claiming the former secretary of state has reinforced the “conspiracy theories” about her health by lying about it. Mitchell appeared on the network’s “Morning Joe” program and said Clinton had a problem with undoing all the mainstream media’s efforts to present her in the best… […]

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OUCH: Unfortunate Tweet Hillary Posted Before Fall Comes Back to Bite Her BIG TIME

Late last week, Democrat presidential cominee Hillary Clinton took a dig at GOP nominee Donald Trump — whom she had previously characterized as unreliable — by posting a tweet asserting America’s need for a “steady” candidate like herself. “The most important quality in a president and commander in chief is steadiness — an absolute, rock solid… […]

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Hillary Will Lose Her MIND When She Finds What Bill Said About Coal Workers

While Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has constantly chastised Republican rival Donald Trump for his comments during the general election, she and husband Bill Clinton have used extreme language themselves, and often have ended up insulting large parts of the American populace. While Clinton has also had to deal with the former president’s gaffs on the campaign… […]

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