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Famous Funny Man Declares ‘America’s Flat-Out Gun Crazy,’ Offers ‘Less-Lethal Alternatives’

Dan Aykroyd’s resume as a comic actor is unquestioned. The “Saturday Night Live” original cast member also made cinematic history with the “Ghostbusters” franchise and an iconic turn with the late John Belushi in “The Blues Brothers,” among a host of other projects. As it happens, Aykroyd also has opinions about firearms, which he expressed […]

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Intense Road Rage Footage Shows Driver Screaming at Woman, and the Confrontation Only Escalated From There: ‘I Wanted Vindication’

A Florida mom was doing what she does everyday when road rage struck. Michelle was on her way to pick up her kids from school in Mandarin when she said the driver of a truck pulled forward, nearly hitting her, and then started screaming. That’s when Michelle said she laid on her horn, WJAX reported. […]

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Things Get Tense as Kirsten Powers Battles Krauthammer Over Definition of Neocon: ‘You’re a Neocon!’

Political analysts Kirsten Powers and Charles Krauthammer got into a tense exchange last week, arguing over the definition of the term “neocon.” Krauthammer asserted on the Fox News “Special Report” panel that the term is meaningless and challenged someone to provide a definition for it. “Charles, you know what a neocon is,” Powers told him. […]

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