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‘We Suspect the Motives Behind It’: Major Web Company Is Canceling a $40 Million Headquarters Project Over Indiana Religious Freedom Law

Angie’s List, the multimillion-dollar Web company that aggregates consumer reviews of businesses, announced Saturday that it was nixing the construction of a planned $40 million headquarters in Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Star reported. The reason: Indiana’s recently signed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which critics have portrayed as anti-gay. “We love it here,” said Angie’s List CEO […]

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Accused Car Thief Might Have Gotten Away With Heist. But Instead He Served Up a Great Big Helping of Stupid.

Texas car salesman Neal Brister figured something was a bit off when a young customer of his took one of his pickup trucks for 35-minute test drive last weekend. A lengthy enough joyride to possibly get a key duplicated, Brister told WFAA-TV in Dallas-Ft. Worth. Image source: WFAA-TV Sure enough, later that afternoon Brister checked […]

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21 Injured After Commuter Train Strikes Car and Derails

A driver was listed in grave condition Saturday after his car was struck by a commuter train near the campus of the University of Southern California. Authorities told KABC-TV in Los Angeles that 21 people were injured as a result of the crash, which derailed two train cars. The train operator was taken to a hospital in […]

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‘I’m Sorry’: Weatherman Pulls Something Out of His Jacket on Live TV — and Leaves His Colleagues Crying With Laughter

We’ve all felt it: Something unfamiliar and uncomfortable pops up in your clothing. But most of us haven’t pulled a mystery item out of our clothing on live TV. KMSP-TV meteorologist Steve Frazier found himself blushing and stammering after he pulled a pointy surprise from his apparel on Friday night while gearing up for a […]

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‘How Does Rendering Me Defenseless’ Protect You? : New Documentary Featuring Katie Pavlich Won’t Make Anti-Gun Crowd Happy

A new documentary from Outdoor Channel is asking the question: Are gun-free zones really safe? Image source: Outdoor Channel The one-hour special debuts April 1 on Outdoor Channel and represents a break from the network’s typical sports and entertainment programming. Hosted by author, Fox News contributor and News Editor Katie Pavlich, “Safe Haven” makes […]

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Aspiring Cop Charged With Felony Over Legal Gun — Here’s What He Says Happened When He Asked NAACP for Help

Steffon Josey-Davis’ dream of becoming a police officer were crushed when he was charged with a felony over a legally owned firearm. He told TheBlaze TV host Dana Loesch on Thursday that his pleas for help were even ignored by the NAACP, which routinely offers legal assistance. Davis is currently seeking a pardon from New […]

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Pat Robertson’s Claims About Liberals, Radical Islam and ‘Decapitating People’ Stir Controversy

Christian TV host Pat Robertson is under fire after claiming on Wednesday’s “The 700 Club” that the American left is rebelling against “the established order of western civilization” and seemingly embracing radical Islamic ideology. “You know folks, what’s happening is the so called left, the liberals want to rebel against the established order and the […]

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