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Dem Uses 9/11 Witness Story in Run for Office, But Sick Truth Will Destroy Campaign

Many Americans hold a special reverence for the memory of the 9/11 World Trade Center terrorist attacks, and for good reason, as the horrifically tragic assault on America that claimed thousands of lives proved a critical turning point in our nation’s history. Thus, many Americans don’t take kindly to those politicians who would invoke the… […]

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WATCH: 17-Year-Old Video Shows How Trump Really Treats Minorities… Media Calls Blackout

Now that Donald Trump has become the Republican presidential nominee and continued talking about ending illegal immigration, the liberal establishment has taken to calling him an incorrigible racist. However, before he had declared his political affiliation, what were they calling him? Well, if this 17-year-old video of the Rev. Jesse Jackson is to be believed, “friend,” “effective… […]

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