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Drone Flying Above Memorial Day Parade Crashes, Lands on Spectator’s Head — but if Incident Had Occurred Moments Earlier, It Could Have Been Much Worse

For a guy who just got whacked in head by a falling drone earlier Monday, Scot Yount seemed remarkably reserved. “If it was going to fall somebody, thankfully it fell on me,” he calmly told WBZ-TV in Boston. Scot Yount (Image source: WBZ-TV) Yount was watching the Memorial Day parade in Marblehead, Massachusetts, when a drone taking […]

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Bob Woodward Shoots Down Story That Bush Lied to Get U.S. in Iraq War, Implies Obama Troop Pullout Was Wrong Move

Legendary journalist Bob Woodward shot down the notion that President George W. Bush lied to get America involved in the Iraq War in 2003 — and strongly implied President Obama didn’t make the right call by ordering the U.S. troop pullout. Image source: YouTube Appearing on Fox News Sunday, the Washington Post icon and bestselling […]

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‘Amazing Hardcore Civil Disobedience’: Cop Can’t Keep a Straight Face During Aggressive Encounter Over a Strange ‘Motorhome’

Cop’s at the door, grab your camera and start recording. It’s standard procedure for many nowadays, but watch through this video to see whether the cop will be caught abusing his power. Or maybe the guy recording is in the wrong. Image via YouTube The video opens with the cameraman challenging the cop at his door. […]

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‘There’s Another Side to This Story That Hasn’t Come Out’: Slain Pair’s Family Speaks Out After Cop Gets ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict

The family of the victims in a Cleveland shooting case — in which police fired 137 shots into a car containing two black individuals — are “hugely disappointed” by the Saturday ruling that one of the officers is not guilty on all counts of manslaughter and assault. Michelle Russell, the slain Timothy Russell’s sister, said […]

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