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The Drone That Crashed Into Stands During U.S. Open Tennis Match? Here’s Who Was Arrested

NEW YORK (AP) — A high school science teacher was arrested Friday after a drone plummeted into empty seats and caused a scare at the U.S. Open tennis tournament. Daniel Verley was arrested on reckless endangerment and other charges in the drone crash during a women’s singles match Thursday night, police said. Verley, 26, was […]

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Rand Paul Is ‘Absolutely Convinced’ the Problems in Washington Won’t Be Resolved Until This Happens

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul said Friday that he is “absolutely convinced” the problems in Washington won’t be resolved until term limits are put in place. “The world is topsy-turvy,” Paul said on Glenn Beck’s radio program. “People in America get it, when you go out into America. But when you’re inside the beltway, they […]

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MSNBC Asks Hillary Clinton If She Wants to ‘Apologize’ to Americans for Email Scandal — Here’s Her Two-Pronged Answer

When asked if she’d like to apologize to Americans over the private email scandal that has embroiled her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton admitted conducting State Department business on a private email server while secretary of state wasn’t the “best idea.” CNN She did not offer a straightforward apology for any of her actions, though she […]

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Scott Walker: We’ve Had a ‘Vacuum in Leadership’ From Obama in Defending Police

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker blasted President Barack Obama for not stepping up to denounce protesters and rhetoric calling for violence against police officers following two high-profile law enforcement murders in less than a week. “I’ve just seen an absolute vacuum in leadership from the White House,” Walker said in an interview with TheBlaze Thursday evening. […]

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Three People Hurt in University of Arkansas Machete Attack

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — Officials say a man with a machete injured two people during an attack in a wooded area of the University of Arkansas campus. University spokesman Steve Voorhies says the attack happened around 7:15 Thursday night. He says no one involved is believed to be a student and campus operations weren’t affected. […]

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‘Irreparable Damage’ Caused to ‘Rare,’ 1,800-Year-Old Artifact Discovered in Israeli Construction Site

Israeli police discovered an elaborately decorated, 1,800-year-old artifact in the historic southern city of Ashkelon after receiving a tip that construction workers had unearthed and then tried to hide the sarcophagus — or stone coffin — the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Thursday. The agency described the find as “one of the rarest sarcophagi ever discovered in […]

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