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31 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. I just found out you guys have Michael Savage. I guess maybe I should have looked around but I thought he was no longer on the air here. I’ll be listening to him on 990 going forward.

  2. arletta baxrer 11. Apr, 2011 at 9:08 am

    you just mentioned Libya and sending troops. My granddaughter’s husband was shipped out two weeks ago along with 2200 marines from LeJeune NC. Of course this wasn’t in the news. What are they doing there?

  3. Keep up the great work. You guys are doing great. Go Hornets.


  4. Why do you take Lou Dobbs off in the afternoon and put on inexperience locals? I am listening to adult conversations and all of sudden I hear a dog yelping or a man yelling about local sports. Keep Dobbs on until at least 4 or even 4:30.

  5. Will I be able to hear your signal in Biloxi?

  6. I think it may just make it there. you can also listen live from the site

  7. You can get WGSO in the Gulfport-Biloxi area during the day, as long as it’s not bad weather. Of course, if you’re close to a computer, it would be easier to log on to the station website.

  8. It was a big mistake to replace Steve Malzburg with Rita Cosby. Rita says “you know” about as many times as Caroline Kennedy does. makes you crazy. & her sentences go on & on & on. she’s just not as capable a commentator.

  9. Thank you for the Baldy & the Blonde radio show. Great listening to views and topics not in the main media. The truth has a chance to be heard on this show!

  10. You were speaking about Lakeshore high school kids today that were sentenced in the plot to kill their classmates and teachers. Inasmuch as listeners thought that the sentence was lenient, they should know that where they will spend their time is a cruel, violent place. The state secure programs are touted as being therapeutic. However, I have spoken to many youth that have spent time at Bridge City and Jetson and they report a “survival of the fittest” environment. One youth told me that he had to fight every day and that many youth are attacked in their sleep nightly. I believe these young men are in for a long period of fighting for their very lives. I don’t think this is what the courts, our we as a society, intended.

  11. rene of mandeville 28. Dec, 2011 at 10:51 am

    very disappointed in girl on the air right now. just speaks like she is clueless about the cost of empire. sad

  12. What is going on with the Tailgaters show usually heard from 1000-1200 on Saturday mornings. It is my favorite sports talk show. It wasn’t on last Saturday (24 Dec) and today (31 Dec). Thanks!
    Larry in Abita

  13. Larry, they took off for the holiday. Ken Trahan will be on Monday at 6pm
    and the three tailgators will be back on Sat. Jan 7 from 10am-12 noon.

  14. Dont mess around with Savage time slot please. He is the best thing you have going for you. And add his third hour. His show is three hours.He is the best commentator not only on 990, but in the country yet you cut his show off early.Everything is upside down now.

  15. Didn’t realize until today that I could email you about your programming. Jeff, Michael, and Lou are terrific! Rita Crosby is okay, but just luke-warm. I really miss the information Steve Mahlsberg had.If y’all want to help take back this country you should rechedule Steve. He had Obama’s number. I’m going to see where I can listen to him, if not WGSO.
    Feliz Ano Nuevo.

  16. You should pick up Jerry Doyle to replace Rita Cosby. He has an interesting perspective, is very entertaining and doesn’t always just talk politics. Rita Cosby seems to be a lesser version of Hannity or Levin, even if her voice is less grating. It would make sense to get somebody like Doyle who’s more independent minded considering the types of hosts your station already has.

  17. The Flipside of the Coin show is truly one of your very best informative programs you have. Gerard is completely informed and is able to wake up the sleeping Americans if they will just listen!

  18. Thank you for bringing us Ralph Leopold and his show. He is one of the only radio guys out there who doesn t harp on risky stocks or sell insurance with claims that are too high to believe. Suzie look out – we have a really knowledgeable guy of our own on WGSO!

  19. jeff, to hear another side of islam,contact ret. gen jerry boykin. he can explain dangers of islam,home and abroad.

  20. dianne from California 10. Apr, 2012 at 11:15 am

    So excited to hear WGSO 990 interview 2012 Presidential Candidate Buddy Roemer. He is the only candidate that is able to debate and defeat potus Obama in Novemeber! Thank you for giving Americans a chance to know who Buddy Roemer is and that he is a viable 2012 Presidential Candidate!

  21. Savage is not gone, just moved to 1pm following huckabee

  22. Please get rid of Huckabee – ASAP – he’s a nice guy, but I just can’t take his warped sense of humor and holier-than-thou, self-righteous attitude.

  23. HENRY ST.PAUL 25. May, 2012 at 9:07 am


  24. 2012 Hurricane Landfall Forecast (TX & LA):

    Info for the folks of LA. Good luck – Dale Link

  25. I’ve been a regular listener of your station for several years now. However, you dropped several syndicated shows that I enjoy, and now just when I finally found a station that would carry the Jerry Doyle Show locally you are now changing everything again to all that sports stuff (like we don’t have enough of that already in this town!)! Well you’ve lost me as a regular listener. I will subscribe to the Jerry Doyle Show and listen to other shows on other stations via the Internet. I thought your station was all about what’s happening politically in this country. Instead now it’s going to cater to mostly a bunch of sports freaks. Well that’s just what our political enemies want us to do — empty our heads and fill it full of mindless sports! Pathetic!

  26. Noel Martinsen 25. Feb, 2013 at 4:06 pm

    This is for Scott Alexander.
    Wanted to know the name of the Basketball Facility you advertise–Is is Northshore Sports Plex? Didn’t you say they were opening up a new facility on the southshore? If so would like the information on this.

    Sincerely, Noel Martinsen

  27. Kaare you seemed to be obsessed with the gay marriage issue. With little understanding, knowledge, or perspective on the issue you denigrate anyone who believes in the traditional view of marriage. You say we are ignorant, retrograde haters akin to racsists opposed to civil rights era.

    Your views are offensive, narrow minded and shallow.

    I understand you grew up catholic and are now in the Greek Church.

    to get some perspective pls read the views of those Churches then tell me if these are hateful racsists. And if you persist in your views then have the guts to publicly renounce your church and separate yourself from it

  28. I really enjoy listening to Scott Alexander’s show. It’s the best sports talk show on radio.
    I tune out when Cory/Karee (how ever it’s spelled) Johnson comes on. He is possibly the most annoying talk show host in the history of radio.
    Also is there a way to send text messages to the host during the show?

  29. I’ve contacted Jeff on line before but I can’t seem to get through to him with the email address I had for him last year. Is this the only way to contact him? Or does he still have his personal email address?

  30. Thank goodness for Ralph Leopold!! Can you get him on more often? Longer? There are certainly enough of your hosts that are so hard to listen to – Ralph just has that soothing voice and intelligent conversation…PLEASE!!!

  31. - Press Release -
    Second Line Shake:
    Vince Vance Teams with Teen Starlet for New Mardi Gras hit!

    Veteran Crescent City icon and songwriter, Vince Vance, who penned “I Am New Orleans” and mega-hit, “All I Want for Christmas is You,” has done it again with a new song touted soon to be a Hallmark on Mardi Gras Radio for years to come.
    Entitled “Second Line Shake,” the song captures the feeling that envelopes the city during the Carnival Season! Besides being a catchy tune, the beat makes you feel like dancing.
    “I wanted to give New Orleans a song like All I Want for Christmas is You, one that would capture the party feeling of Carnival,” said the Big Easy Native. “It’s a story of a N’awlins Mardi Gras complete with a full parade marching band headed throughout the city in a mini-travelogue.”
    Like his perennial #1 Christmas tune, he’s chosen a young lady to handle the lead vocals. Destrehan songstress, Faith Becnel, is just 14 year old, but will soon be known for her inspired rendition.
    Vince colors it this way: “Young people love Mardi Gras and I thought that someone who loved performing and entertaining through music and dance would be a no-brainer. Faith is a darling young lady who epitomizes the energy of youth and the excitement of Mardi Gras. I believe Faith will make “Second Line Shake” a hit for years to come.
    “Mardi Gras songs have all been pretty much the same. Watch Out, New Orleans! Here comes a new young starlet Faith Becnel and Vince Vance’s Second Line Shake.”
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