Kaare Johnson

Kaare Johnson was born in New Orleans the same year the Saints were awarded to the city by the NFL.  After attending just about every grammar and high school in New Orleans, Kaare finally got semi-serious about his studies and knocked out a six-year stint at LSU in Baton Rouge.  While working in the sports department at market leader WBRZ Channel 2 in Baton Rouge, Kaare started listening to a strange new radio format known as Sports/Talk Radio.  At first he laughed, saying, “who even listens to AM Radio anymore?”  Then, after being a frequent caller to various sports programs, Kaare landed his own Sports/Talk radio show—that was way back in early 1992.  That same year, an old radio station in New Orleans with a new format, Sports/Talk Radio, obtained the rights to the Saints and needed local show hosts.  Kaare landed his first New Orleans gig and has been a fixture in the market ever since.  After Katrina, Kaare went from hosting an exclusive Sports/Talk show to more of a news- and politics-oriented program.  Kaare talks everything New Orleans, and that still includes what got him in the business in the first place—LSU, Saints, and New Orleans sports.  You can hear Kaare every weekday afternoon starting at 3:00, exclusively on 990 AM WGSO.


EMAIL:  kaare@wgso.com

5 Responses to “Kaare Johnson”

  1. wayne wappler 17. Mar, 2013 at 2:42 am

    Kaare my man (yeah u right LOL)…I’ve called ur great show b4…I’m. Wayne wappler

    r from terrytown….Im the Guy who mentioned I lived in Chicago…I think u may be a Guy w great ideas….great topics that others don’t wanna touch ex…WWL…on a great show that others don’t get maybe out there….like the CCC lights BS….but I think u mentioned its bigger than just lights…its blackmail politics…and trust me..there people buying into the pro tolls vote bcuz of this blackmail BS….I grew up when there was no bridge and no span lights….hey its a as
    symbol for our city….let the politicians take that away…it only hurts their city if they care…other cities light their bridge spans…do they all toll their spans? BTW can I respectfully ask what ur dad woulda said?.

    re in this city…I’m w u 100 perent on this ccc span lights BS…bu
    T its bigger than this p

  2. Does this mean he is going to Chocolate Prison

  3. Jerry McNeill 24. Mar, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Your program is not on Charter 325. All it says is that it’s To Be Announced. I have the Gold pkg. (which has all the channels) and it’s not there.

  4. Kaare-

    You recently called the people of Utah homophobes because the state opposes gay marriage. Yet you say every day that you’re in the neutral zone. Can’t have it both ways — either you respect others’ religious beliefs or you don’t.

  5. You dislike for the the Tea Party is is very clear! But to call them “Tea baggers” is clearly over the line. Very disapointing. It is becoming harder and harder to listen to you!