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By Jeff Crouere


July 30, 2012…It keeps getting worse at CNN. Two days after CNN President Jim Walton, a 30-year veteran of the network, announced his retirement, the network broadcast a Pink song “Stupid Girls” right before airing a segment about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd visiting a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Woodlands, TX.


The message was clear to any rational viewer; yet, CNN claims that the connection was unintentional as the song was “not intended to be linked to any news story.” A CNN spokesman said that the “music selection was a poor choice….we regret any perception that they were planned together.” Sure, of the thousands of songs in the CNN music catalog it was just a coincidence that “Stupid Girls” was played right before the Palin segment. Sarah Palin is not stupid and neither are viewers who are rightfully upset at the insulting song choice, but CNN certainly does qualify as a stupid network.


In his announcement, Walton admitted that the network “needs new thinking,” which is quite an understatement. The network has descended into the depths of viewer obscurity after years as the undisputed news giant at the top of the ratings.  In fact, Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, invented the cable news format in the 1980’s. The network created such iconic programs as “Crossfire” and was must-see viewing for Americans interested in politics and news coverage.


Today, the network is a joke with a team of left wing anchors pursuing a very obvious political agenda. All of the evening hosts from Erin Burnett to Piers Morgan to Anderson Cooper are liberals who masquerade as independent and fair journalists. CNN boasts that it is an unbiased and objective network that is not tied to any political agenda. The problem is that the network’s rhetoric does not match the reality of what viewers observe on air. Their left wing bias is easily detected in type of stories they cover to the slant in news coverage to the preponderance of liberal guests who are given excessive amounts of air time. Just look at the gratuitous slam at Palin, no one can seriously imagine CNN insulting Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton in a similar fashion.


Viewers who want fair and balanced news coverage are abandoning CNN in droves. Today, the network is at a 21 year low in total audience and is routinely running well behind Fox News and even the far left network, MSNBC, which has given disgraced race hustler Reverend Al Sharpton a prime spot in their line-up. CNN sank even lower when it awarded former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, “Client #9” America’s most famous “John,” a primetime slot.


In the second quarter of 2012, CNN suffered a tremendous loss of viewers, down 35 percent from the previous year and a 42 percent drop in the key 25-54 demographic. The network’s evening news programs are averaging only 446,000 viewers compared to 689,000 for MSNBC and 1.79 million for Fox News. One way to analyze CNN’s dire situation is that in 22 of the past 24 months, MSNBC had more primetime viewers. While MSNBC is honest about their liberalism, CNN is not and viewers are punishing the network for its subterfuge.


CNN is not alone among tradition news outlets that are suffering in today’s new media environment. Last week, liberal magazine Newsweek announced that they are abandoning their print publication for a strictly on-line edition. In New Orleans, the liberal Times Picayune newspaper, owned by the Newhouse family, announced they will shift to a three day a week print schedule.


While some of these announcements are due to the move to on-line and mobile news delivery, liberal bias is certainly another reason why the once mighty media giants are falling.
The ratings are also dropping across the board for the broadcast television networks, both in morning and evening news shows. These programs were once considered by many to be “appointment” television; today they are an afterthought.


When viewers do stumble across such broadcasts, they are likely to see bias. In recent days, ABC News has been rocked by a scandal involving investigative reporter Brian Ross. He inaccurately linked the Colorado Movie shooter to the Tea Party. Of course there was no connection and the reporter had to apologize for his biased piece of “journalism.”


In his rush to trash the Tea Party movement, Ross forgot the journalistic credo of “accuracy, accuracy, accuracy.” While he is not alone among well known figures that mistakenly link the Tea Party to violence, Ross is certainly the most disappointing one to be added to this Hall of Shame. We can expect lamebrain Hollywood stars like Sean Penn and Morgan Freeman to make such idiotic linkages, but not supposedly objective and respected members of the media.
It is no wonder that Americans are abandoning networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN. Why should viewers rely on anchors like NBC’s Brian Williams to tell them what news is and what to think? Today, they can investigate their own news stories on the Internet and entirely bypass the liberal media structure. Every day more Americans are receiving their news from not only Internet sites, but also talk radio.


Americans are becoming sophisticated enough to spot bias in the coverage and analysis of news events. Thus, the ratings for CNN and the broadcast networks are down and they will continue to fall.


The heyday of CNN, evening news programs, newspapers and magazines is over. These old forms of biased journalism are in decline. The change should be a welcome one for all Americans who want both fair and objective news coverage.


By Jeff Crouere


June 26, 2012…Now that Mitt Romney has secured the GOP nomination, he is obviously free to be himself. His masquerade as a conservative is over as he has returned to many of the moderate to liberal stances he held as Governor of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. He has also returned to being the polite politician who treats his Democratic opponents with respect. 


Mitt Romney only gets nasty against other Republicans. In the GOP primary, the Governor eviscerated his opponents with high priced, non-stop, hard hitting attacks. He is not employing the same tactics in his general election showdown against President Obama, who he continues to refer to as a “nice guy.”


At the same time that Romney is playing nice, Barack Obama has been on a rampage, tearing to shreds the U.S. Constitution. On June 15 at the White House Rose Garden, Obama decided to issue de-facto amnesty to 1.4 million aliens who illegally entered the country at a young age. The President evidently decided that standing immigration laws do not apply to this category of individuals, who will now be able to apply for work permits and no longer have to face the threat of deportation. To the 23 million unemployed Americans looking for work, get ready to face more competition for scarce jobs.  Romney’s response to this outrageous move is that he wants to seek “common ground” on the immigration. During an interview on Face the Nation last Sunday, Romney refused on five occasions to pledge that he would rescind the new Obama immigration policy.


Last week, the President issued a questionable Executive Privilege order protecting his Attorney General from congressional investigators and covering up documents that dealt with the scandalous Fast and Furious program.  In response, the Governor should be condemning the President’s order, demanding that Holder resign and insisting on full transparency and the release of all documents. Instead, Romney’s response has been non-existent, as he has been “largely silent” on the Fast and Furious debacle, which resulted in the death of a border patrol agent.


On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down three of the major provisions of the state of Arizona’s law dealing with illegal immigration. The justices upheld the remaining provision, which allows law enforcement to question suspected illegal aliens about their immigration status. After the ruling, it only took the Obama Department of Homeland Security several hours to rescind agreements with seven law enforcement agencies in Arizona. Thus, the federal government will provide no assistance to Arizona in dealing with illegal immigrants arrests, except those caught crossing the border or with felonies in their criminal history. Horace Cooper of the National Center for Public Policy characterized the administration’s move “a complete disregard of the constitutional process.”  As noted by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Obama told Arizona, “drop dead.”


With the U.S. Constitution, law abiding Arizona residents and a Republican Governor under attack, what did presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney say? His spokesman refused to condemn the Supreme Court ruling or offer support for the Arizona immigration law. After being hounded by reporters for an answer and evading 20 questions on the issue, Romney spokesman Rick Gorka offered this meek response, “The Governor supports the right of states, that’s all we’re going to say on the issue.”


When the people of Arizona, the conservative movement and the GOP needed a champion, Romney hid under his moderate cloak. He did the same disappearing act several weeks ago when President Obama announced his support for gay marriage. This cowardice in the face of controversial issues should alarm conservatives. It does not bode well for a potential Romney administration. It is another indication that the worries of conservatives about Romney were well founded.


Romney masqueraded as a conservative in the Republican primaries. Now he is being his true self, the Massachusetts Moderate. If he is elected as President, he will be another George H. W. Bush who will manage the growth of government, not seriously curtail it. He will work with Democrats, not oppose their socialist agenda. He will use government to “solve” problems and not provide the only real solution, limited government.


So called political experts claim that any Republican presidential nominee must “move to the middle” to win the general election. Romney is obviously following this advice; however, just the opposite is true. America is thirsting for a conservative alternative to Obama. Voters want a real choice, not an echo. Romney should be clearly differentiating his positions with the President on all issues, not just the economy.


At this time in our history, illegal immigration is a vitally important issue. Millions of citizens along with southern border with Mexico feel overrun with illegal immigrants and are frustrated by a federal government which refuses to take action.


Romney is trying to placate the Latino vote by toning down his rhetoric on this issue. During the Republican primaries, Romney expressed staunch support for the Arizona immigration law. Today his spokesman goes to great lengths to avoid the issue.


Sadly, Romney does not possess the core conservative principles that the Republican Party and this nation desperately needs.


Governor Romney may become our nation’s 45th President, but as his tap dancing on these issues prove, he will not govern as a conservative. 



By Jeff Crouere


May 10, 2012…In 2008, the Obama campaign represented “Hope and Change” and inspired millions of voters to pull the lever for the unknown man from Illinois. At his campaign rallies, it was commonplace to see supporters fainting, overcome with raw emotion. Obama’s 2008 campaign was fueled by an amazing combination of energy and optimism rarely seen in American politics.


In the 2008 election, it was our nation’s chance to elect our first African American as President. It was a strike against the sins of slavery and racism in America’s past and a way to launch our country toward a bright future of racial harmony and progress.


What a difference four years makes! Gone are the lofty goals and the inspired rhetoric. Instead we have the stark reality of a failed presidency. Regarding race relations, the President has not united Americans; he has set them against each other. He ushered in more racial division than any president in recent history. For example, Obama has needlessly inserted himself in controversies such as the Trayvon Martin case and the arrest of Professor Gates in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His Justice Department refused to prosecute club wielding Black Panthers captured on video intimidating voters in Pennsylvania, while his Attorney General had the audacity to lecture the nation about supposed institutionalized racism.


On the important issue of the economy, his stewardship has been horrific. The President has presided over an increase of $5 trillion in our national debt. Throughout his term, there has been a depression in the housing industry, a weak jobs picture and a sky high trade deficit.


This will be the first President ever to be responsible for an overall decline in total employment with an increase in the unemployment rate.  While the unemployment rate showed a slight decrease to 8.1% last month, it meant almost nothing since the overall picture is so grim. The last jobs report showed more Americans are leaving the workforce altogether. The labor force participation rate is the lowest rate since December 1981. Almost one million Americans are so discouraged they have stopped looking for work.


On the energy issue, the President speaks constantly of the need for alternative sources of energy. He wants to limit production of fossil fuels and raise taxes on the oil and gas industry. Post BP oil spill, the President limited production in the Gulf of Mexico with his misguided moratorium and a slow, arduous permitting process remains in place even today.


The results are not surprising. While gasoline prices are down a little in the last few weeks, it still costs more than double today at the pump than it did on the day the President was inaugurated.


With these troubles, it is no wonder than the latest Real Clear Politics poll average shows that 60% of Americans believe the country is on the wrong track. Americans have seen the direction the President has taken our country in the past 40 months and it is not something millions of Americans want to experience for another four years.


In Tuesday’s primary election in West Virginia, 41% of Democrats expressed their displeasure with Obama by voting for Keith Judd, otherwise known as a convicted felon, federal inmate number 11593-051.  Even though he is in a federal prison in Texarkana, Texas, Judd paid a filing fee and his name appeared on the ballot.  This was not the only embarrassing result for Obama; approximately 20% of Democratic voters in other Southern states such as Oklahoma and Alabama have voted against Obama in favor of unknown opponents.


Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney is not an ideal candidate to take advantage of this discontent and oppose Obama, but he does represent at least some sort of improvement over warmed over socialism.  It is no surprise that he is leading President Obama in the latest Rasmussen poll by a margin of 49-44%.


Four years ago, Barack Obama was considered a “rock star” by millions of smitten Americans. Today, many of those same people view him as just another politician. Four years ago, he filled a stadium in Ohio with 36,000 screaming fans during a campaign stop. On Saturday, his re-election campaign was launched in front of an Ohio crowd of only 10,000 that barely filled half the seats in the arena.


The President likes to sing Al Green songs in public, anything to capture attention.  In this election, many Americans will have the immortal words of the B.B. King classic on their minds when they go to the polls, “The thrill is gone away…..I’m free from your spell, I’m free, free now.”


Finally, the spell is lifted and the real Obama can be seen clearly by the voters.


It is not a pretty sight.