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Patriot Radio Sept 4

Gary King opens on Syria and how it scares him to death plus Russia and China involvement plus international bankers.  It is all that and more on this edition of Patriot Radio.

Patriot Radio Aug 28

Gary King is your host


Patriot Radio Aug 14

The Thinking Moms Revolution Tex and Blaze!

Patriot Radio July 17

Gary King is your host

Patriot Radio May 22

Tonight we have a total expose on the medical industry and how medical nutrition is the SECRET! Our guest is Dr. Glidden! of Fire Your

  In the third segment we expose a woman who was involved in Sandy Hook… was at the Boston event… a witness to the apprehension of the two young suspects in Boston… and was a witness in Albuquerque New Mexico last month of a stabbing in a church. She is EVERYWHERE!!!
   The 4th segment deals with Simon Bar Sinister trying to use his weather machine to get the IRS… the Benghazi debacle and AP reporters off of the headlines! Can Underdog stop Simon from causing earthquakes… floods and tornados? Even though he has captured Sweet Polly Purebread… Stay tuned

Patriot Radio May 1

Gary King is your host

Patriot Radio Apr 19

Gary King is Your host