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Ringside Politics Nov 6

Welcome to another edition of Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere.


Today’s hot topics included:


1)  Election Day! The final polls are in and now it is up to the American people.


2) President Obama is spending the day playing basketball, while Mitt Romney will be hitting two swing states for campaign rallies.


3) The race is so close, one pollster, Scott Rasmussen, said he has “no idea” who will win.


4) Regardless of the outcome, it is incumbent of the winner to try to bring America together behind a cohesive agenda. The divisiveness that has engulfed this country is quite unfortunate, but President Obama has certainly contributed to that atmosphere.


Today’s guests included:


1)     Steve Sabuldowsky, publisher of BayouBuzz. He discussed the latest polls, gave his predictions and offered his hope that the American people will unite after the election. For more information, check out


2)    David Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision LLC As a former presidential campaign strategist, he gave his views on the electorate’s mood today. In his view, Romney will win and the GOP has a chance to win control of the Senate.

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