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CNN Panelist: Liberal Young Women See Bernie Sanders as the ‘Better Feminist’ in the Race

The Atlantic’s Molly Ball joined a CNN panel Sunday morning and told a story about a young woman at a rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders — the Democratic presidential candidate the young woman declared to be the “better feminist.” “It’s this really interesting phenomenon where there’s a very strong, I think, feminist consciousness in young […]

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Marco Rubio Responds to Rivals’ Attacks That He’s Too Pro-Life

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio addressed his position on abortion during the Republican presidential debate Saturday night after rivals’ recent attacks that he’s too pro-life. Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz have recently come under fire from fellow candidates New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who characterize Rubio and Cruz’s abortion positions […]

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Christie Rips Into Rubio for His Record: ‘That’s Not Leadership, That’s Truancy’

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie went after Marco Rubio at Saturday night’s Republican debate, arguing the Florida senator lacks the experience to hold the nation’s highest office. The exchange started when ABC moderator David Muir asked Rubio to name his accomplishments as a U.S. senator. “What are your accomplishments in the Senate that demonstrate you […]

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